Name of Society


Registered Office

The registered office of the society shall be situated at the address of the President until such a time that a permanent Headquarter of the society is established. It shall remain in the Union Territory of Delhi, and shall be as below: N-9, Greater Kailash, Part-I, New Delhi-110048. 

Aims and Objects

i) To associate together in one corporate body all the reputable and registrable medical men and women practising or interested in the science and art of acupuncture.

ii) To obtain official recognition for the system of Acupuncture by Govt. of India, and respective state governments, leading to establishment of Acupuncture Council of India. 

iii) To encourage introduction of the system of Acupuncture in under graduate curriculum of all the systems of medicine and promote it as a post graduate specialization.

iv) To provide a common platform to all the specialists of Acupuncture to share their experience, further professional development, and maintain a national register for records and their achievements.

v) To conduct continuing medical education (CME) activities and hold scientific discussions for the development of the system of Acupuncture.

vi) To publish a quality journal of the Indian Society of Medical Acupuncture ( JISMA). 

vii) To cooperate with other medical and scientific associations with similar interests in India and abroad.

viii) To develop cooperation with Indian Medical Association and equivalent national membership bodies of the other recognized systems of medicine.

ix) To continuously improve public awareness of the role and benefits of this system of medicine in health and sickness, amongst the general public, healthcare professionals, opinion leaders and policy makers of the country.

x) To develop resources to acquire land and construct building for the National Headquarters of the Society.

xi) To promote establishment of National institute of Acupuncture to impart regular certificate, diploma, degree and doctoral courses.

xii) The system of Acupuncture would comprise Traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion. 

All the incomes, earnings, moveable and /or immovable properties of the Society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objects only as setforth in this Memorandum of Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profit or in any manner, whatsoever, to the present or past members of the Society or to any person or persons claiming through any one or more of the present or the past members. No member of the society shall have any personal claim on any moveable and/or immovable properties of the society or make any profit, whatsoever by virtue of his membership.


The names, addresses, occupations and designations of the present members of the Governing body to whom the management of the society is entrusted as required under section 2, of the societies registration act of 1860, as applicable to the Union Territory of Delhi, are as follow:-

S. No.
Dr. Raman Kapur
Dr. Manish Gupta
General Secretary
Dr. Sunita Kapur




a) Life members : Only qualified medical practitioners of Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani Medicine,yoga & Naturopathy & dentistry registered in India with their respective councils and practicing Acupuncture shall be eligible.
b) Founder members: Members of the society who assisted in its inception shall be known as the founder members.
c) Visiting members: Any member of the medical profession may attend a meeting of the society on being introduced by a member of the society with the consent of the President
d) Overseas member: Medical practitioners registered in India or holding the qualification registrable in India and practising the science and art of Acupuncture will be eligible for overseas membership if residing outside India.
The membership of the Life member of the society whose address is changed to that of a foreign country will be classified as overseas member. They will pay the subscription for overseas members.

Admission to and qualifications for membership: Application for membership shall be made on an application form obtainable from office of the society. This shall be duly completed by the applicant and proposed and seconded by two Life members of the society whose names appear on the register of the society as existing members. Such Applications shall be scrutinised by the Hony. General Secretary who shall submit such applications to the Governing Council. The council shall have the right to decide the eligibility  of membership. Such decision shall be final.Qualification for the members:- Medical practitioners registered in India as per para  (I) (a) and practising the science and art of acupuncture shall be eligible for membership.

Admission fee:
a) The life membership fee will be Rs. 2500/-. The fee for couple life membership will be Rs. 4000/-.

The subscription amount may be changed on recommendation of the Governing Council if approved by a simple majority of the members present at a meeting of the General Body.

Cessation of membership: Membership of the society will cease:
a) By voluntary resignation as from a specified date.
b) If the Governing Council decides by a two third majority to delete the name of a member from the membership for any proved unprofessional behavior or conduct or action prejudicial to the interest of the society, the membership of such member shall remain suspended till his name is deleted by the General Body at its next meeting.
c) Before any disciplinary action of such a nature is taken the offending member will be served with a notice in writing to appear before the next meeting of the Governing Council and will be given an opportunity to explain his conduct.A member whose name has been removed from the membership of the society under clause‘iv’ above may be readmitted on expiry of three years or thereafter provided his application for re- enrolment is approved by two third majority of the Governing Council and confirmed by the General Body at its next meeting. He must also submit a written apology acceptable to the Governing Council.

Rights and privileges of members:
a) A member can participate in all the activities of the society.
b) A member can seek advise regarding acupuncture and society shall provide any such information sought.
c) Only eligible members can vote in election of office bearers as per rules.
General Body:
i) General Body of the society would comprise of all the life members of the society. It shall be held at least once in a calendar year.
ii) The General body shall elect the office bearers at its Annual meeting as per election rules.
iii) The General body shall have the powers to pass the resolution and change in the rules, recommended to it by the Governing council of the society. This shall be held valid with the sanction of at least 2/3rd of the majority of the members present and voting at a general body meeting. The audited accounts of the society shall have to be placed before the General body for adoption every year.
iv) The Annual meeting of the General body (AGM) shall be held every year at the time of the annual Conference of the society. The quorum for the general body shall be 1/4th of the members of the Society. Any member desirous to move a resolution at the Annual General Body meeting shall give notice of the same in writing to the General Secretary at least forty days before the date fixed for the meeting. The Hony General Secretary shall circulate the agenda along with proposed resolutions for the General Body meeting at least three weeks before the holding of the meeting of the General Body. Amendment to the resolution will be received until 48 hours before the General Body meeting. The members of the society shall meet for clinical meetings at least 4 times an year or as decided by the Members. In these meetings academic discussions along with any pressing matters shall be discussed. The Hony. General Secretary shall duly notify the members about these meetings well in time.


I & II
The management of the society shall be vested in the Governing Council consisting of:
a) President
b) An Hony. General Secretary
c) An Hony. Treasurer
d) Two members elected by general body
Terms of Office:
The terms of the Governing Council and that of the President and the Hony. General Secretary and the Treasurer shall be for a period of 5 years. They will be eligible for re-election.

Election and its mode:
The election shall be held at the Annual General Body Meeting of the society. Hony. General Secretary shall notify the number of vacancies in the Governing Council to be filled at the forthcoming election to be held at the time of Annual General Body Meeting. Every nomination together with the written consent of the candidate to contest the election, duly proposed and seconded by two eligible members shall be sent to Hony. General Secretary under registered cover or hand delivery and a receipt obtained, so as to reach him not later than 28th February or 30 days before the date of Annual General Body Meeting at which election will be held. The Hony. Secretary shall place all the nominations received by him before the Governing Council for the scrutiny. One member will be allowed to contest for only one post at a time in Governing Council.

All nominations found in order by the Governing Council shall be placed before the General Body for election. In the absence of any valid nomination as stated above the General body shall proceed to hold the election of the office bearers from amongst those members present and eligible. The nominations can be withdrawn by the candidates before the commencement of election by a written request. The voting may be by show of hands or ballot whichever is thought desirable by the Governing Council. The office bearers shall cease to hold office

a) When the period of their election is over
b) If by a resolution the General Body decided by 3/4th majority of the members present that such office bearer or bearers be removed from the office.

Managing/ Governing body shall have the powers of management of the society. The Governing Council shall have the right to decide the eligibility and class of membership. Such decision shall be final. The Governing Council shall scrutinize the nominations for various posts and its decision regarding the eligibility of the candidate shall be final. It shall have the power to recommend to the General Body any change in the rules of the society provided the proposed changes are circulated amongst the members atleast 15 days before the annual meeting of the General Body. It shall meet at least once in an year to discuss various issues in the function and promotion of the aims and objects of the society.

Powers and duties of the office bearers

1. The President when present shall preside at all the meetings of the Governing Council, General Body, annual Conference and any other committee meeting of which he may be a member.
2. Shall attempt in all possible ways to contribute to the welfare of the people through speciality of Acupuncture, furthering the aims of the society.
3. Shall regulate proceedings of the meetings and the conference, interpret the rules and by laws, decide doubtful points and put the resolution, motion to vote. The ruling of the President or Chairman shall be final provided that it is within the constitution, rules and regulations of the society.

1. Subject to control and regulation if any of the General Body, the Hony, Secretary shall be responsible for carrying out the directions and decisions of the Governing Council and General Body. In Particular the Hony. General Secretary shall
a) Convene meeting of the Governing Council and General Body whenever necessary or called upon to do so by the President.
b) Have administrative control over all affairs of the society.
c) Have charge of the office and correspondence of or in relation to the society.
d) Keep minutes of all the meetings of the Governing Council and committees thereof.
e) Prepare annual report of the society.

a) Shall collect all the dues of the society and pay all such amounts into banking account of the society.
b) Make disbursements and maintain vouchers provided that any extraordinary expenditure shall be made after Obtaining the sanction of the Governing Council.

2. All notices, communications, letters, memoranda and other papers whether they are acts of Governing Council or the General Body or of any officer of the Association shall be signed or authenticated by the Hony. Secretary and when so signed or authenticated shall be conclusive. In his absence, the president or the treasurer can do the needful.

3. The Hony. Treasurer  shall maintain true accounts of the funds and other assets connected with or in any way controlled by the society. All money of the society shall be deposited and/or invested.

a) In approved Bank or Banks
b) In Government and other negotiable securities or in other mode permitted under the act in Accordance with the orders of the Government from time to time.

4. Quorum and notice of meeting:
Half of the total number of members of the Governing Council shall form a quorum of the meeting. The Hony. Secretary shall circulate the agenda for the meeting at least three weeks before the holding of the meeting.

5. Filling up of casual vacancies:
In event of vacancy occuring amongst the office bearers of the Governing Council during the course of any year, The existing members of the Governing council shall elect the office bearer or office bearers in the vacancy or Vacancies and persons so elected shall hold office for the remaining period for which his predecessors would Have held the office. Vacancy so filled shall not exceed two per year.

6. Sub Committee:- The governing body may constitute sub committees for any special task/specific purpose for the limited period towards fulfilling the aims and objectives of the society.

7. The society may also, with the approval of the Governing Council/General body, organise different fund raising activities in keeping with the dignity of the society. The main source of income to the society would be the membership fee of the members. It shall however hold annual conference in which advertisements etc. for souvenier and registration charges for conference shall be source of income. The funds shall be utilised for the purpose of the society as and when required and proper vouchers shall be maintained. Any extraordinary expenditure shall be made after obtaining the sanction of the Governing Council.

8. Financial year:
Financial year of the society shall start from Ist April every year and end at 31st March every year.

9. Audit of Accounts:
The accounts of the society shall be audited every year by one or more registered Charatered Accountant appointed for the ensuing year by the General Body at the Annual General Body Meeting each year. The audited accounts shall be placed before the General Body for adoption. The auditor or auditors shall be paid such remuneration or honorarium as the General Body may fix at the Annual General Body Meeting at which such auditor or auditors may be appointed.

10. Operation of Bank account:
The Bank account, shall be jointly operated by the Hony. General Secretary ,Treasurer and the president of the society, with authorization of any two signatories to operate the account at any time.

11. Annual list of Managing/Governing Body (Section 4 of the Act) Once in every year a list of the office bearers and members of the managing/governing body shall be filed with the Registrar of the societies, Delhi as required under Section 4 of the societies Registration Act of 1860, as applicable to Union Territory of Delhi.

12. Legal Proceedings ( Section 6 of the Act)
‘The Society may sue or be sued in the name of the President/Chairman, Principal Secretary/Secretary or Trustees as per provisions laid down under section 6 of the societies Registration Act, of 1860 as applicable to the Union Territory of Delhi.

13. Amendment ( alteration, extension or abridgement) of purposed ( aims and objects) or change of name… Section 12 and 12 (a) of the Act. Any kind of amendment in the memorandum of the Society shall be made as per provision of Section 12 and 12(A) of the Societies Registration Act of 1860, as applicable to the Union Territory of Delhi.

14. Dissolution and adjustment of Affairs: ‘If the societies need to be dissolved , it shall be dissolved as per provisions laid down under section 13 and 14 of the societies Registration Act of 1860 as applicable to the Union Territory of Delhi.

15. Application of the Act: ‘All the provisions under all the sections of the societies Registration Act of 1860, as applicable to the Union Territory of Delhi shall apply to the society.

16. Essentiality Certificate: ‘ Certified that this is the correct copy of the Rules and Regulations of the society.